Choosing the best size obi wrap belt


Our obi belts are sold in 3″ widths with only the black in a 4″ option because if you are not blessed with a supermodel torso a 3″ will work best and can also be worn lower down i.e. below the waist.

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Black obi belt 3" or 4" Black obi belt on the hip

If you are short waisted or very petite a tie belt may be a better option for you.

Leather tie belt is a narrower width so great for those who are short waisted or to wear with cardigans or macs


The obi belts are one length i.e. 99″/250cm. They will fit ladies from 25″ waists up to plus size of 41″. The difference being is that a smaller lady has extra length to create a bow if she wishes to or she can just use sharp scissors to cut it to size. Size UK 8/10/12 ladies (i.e. waists up to 29″) can create a knot at the front and tie it at the back too.

Black obi belt knot effect tie

Plus sized ladies?

We cater for up to a 41″ waist where you will be able to double wrap and tie but not do a bow. We aim to give you 8 inch ties each end to tie when double wrapped.

Black obi belts longer lengths

A wide selection in basic colours

As you would expect our widest select of widths of tie belt / obi belt are in the basic colours plus ever popular metallics.

Black and brown obi belts

Metallic obi belts

Vintage gold obi belt, gold tie belt, pewter silver obi belt and silver tie belt – many more variants are on the shop website


Visit’s obi page

obi belt website

Obi belts in many different colours

We have plenty of colour too!